Our Process

What to expect on your first rehabilitation visit:

The veterinarian will obtain your pets medical history, review any radiographs provided and discuss them with you.  All patients will then have a thorough evaluation to assess their level of function.  A health care plan is developed based on the pet’s current condition and goals set by the owner and the veterinarian.  The referring veterinarian will be updated after the initial consult and we will continue to maintain in contact throughout treatment.

What to expect on your first weight management visit:

Your pet will have measurements (weight, girth, height to weight ratio) and photos taken to document the initial body condition.  We will work with you to achieve an understanding of the effects of excess weight on the body.  A detailed history (daily activity patterns, diet) is taken to help us construct a programme specific to your pet and their home life to achieve a healthy weight.  Specific recommendations regarding diet and exercise will be provided and progress is monitored until the target weight is achieved and successfully maintained.

What to expect on your first athletic conditioning visit:

Time is spent with the veterinarian discussing the performance goals the client would like to achieve with the dog.  An exam will be performed to evaluate overall health, structure, strength and gaits.
Therapy can make fine adjustments in motor skills and increase overall muscle mass and cardio-vascular health. Advice will be given on strategies to decrease risk of injury during activity.

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    Arlington Park Veterinary Services is accreditied by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario as a Companion Animal Office.  We are the only facility in Ontario that has a focus on rehabilitation and does not have an affiliation with a general or surgical referral practice.  Dr. White is the only v... »